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Personal / Community: Community project

Food sub-categories: Food sovereignty, Waste, Food security

Description: Fundació Espigoladors is a non-profit organization that fights against food waste while empowering people at risk of social exclusion in a transformative, participatory, inclusive and sustainable manner. They organise gleanings (harvests) with volunteers to collect food directly from the field that cannot be sold. The recovered food goes to charity organisations (private and public) and reaches people in vulnerable situations. In addition, these entities promote healthy eating habits and empower the recipients by facilitating their participation in food recovery. Further activities are awareness raising projects and workshops on food waste for children, young people, adults and companies. They also run es im-perfect®, the first Spanish brand that produces and sells high quality food products, such as jam, from surplus or ugly and imperfect fruit and vegetables.

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Why I love this solution: Because they transform the concept of ugliness into beauty!