Emboo River's Closed Loop System

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Emboo River's Closed Loop System

Personal / Community: Community project

Nature sub-categories: Wildlife, Forestry, Pollution remediation or prevention, Ecosystem health, Conservation

Description: The Closed Loop System allows Emboo River, a luxurious eco lodge, to run its operations in a way that is eco friendly, sustainable and community focused. The Closed Loop System means that Emboo River relies on renewable and local elements to run its operations such as: 100 % solar energy, 100% of waste water is filtered through local plants and reused, electric vehicles are silent, solar powered and have no CO2 emission. At Emboo River's tech and innovation hub, organisations are able to experience these elements, join forces and implement a Closed Loop System at their own projects. Our goal is to implement the Closed Loop System throughout all divisions of the tourism sector within Kenya and beyond. As the Closed Loop System is versatile and offers local solutions to local problems, the Closed Loop System can be set up in different ways depending on the specific needs from stakeholders.

Website about this solution: http://emboo.camp

Why I love this solution: Offers a comprehensive approach towards sustainable, eco friendly and community focused tourism.