Recovering non-recyclable waste for renewable fuel

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Recovering non-recyclable waste for renewable fuel

Personal / Community: Community project

Energy sub-category: Power generation

Description: As one of London’s leading waste management companies, Powerday processes hundreds and thousands of tonnes of our clients’ waste each year, recycling as much as possible. We use the residual waste that cannot be recycled to generate refuse derived fuel (RDF) which goes to waste-to-energy facilities across the UK and Europe, providing a renewable fuel to create heat and power.

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Why I love this solution: As well as providing an alternative to fossil fuels, RDF helps to divert waste from landfill. Materials such as non-recyclable plastic, which would sit in landfill sites for hundreds of years, can instead be used to generate renewable heat and power for homes and businesses in the UK and overseas. Powerday believes in the commitment of zero waste to landfill and environmental protection to, in turn, create a more ecologically healthy, sustainable world.